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The natural beauty, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters are some of the best in the world and it will continue to make the islands a high end destination. Let us help you find the perfect retirement condominium or vacation suite in one of the many resort condos on Grace Beach...one that would best suit your lifestyle and that would contribute to your investments and life style goals.Overview of Turks and Caicos Condo Resorts

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Buying a condo in Turks and Caicos is very easy!

There is no restriction on owning property in Turks and Caicos and the real estate market open for anyone to buy land, condo or home freehold.

Building of condos here in Turks and Caicos is overseen by Department of Planning which adheres to the standard similar to Dade County building codes.

There are many professionals living and working in Turks and Caicos. One can find architects, lawyers, engineers and builder here that mainly speak English but other languages are also spoken. There is no personal income tax, no capital gains tax or property tax in Turksand Caicos although a one-time stamp duty is required to paid to the government upon purchase of property.

Most of the tourist related businesses are concentrated in the Grace Bay Beach area and Leeward Highway in Providenciales. Restaurants, night clubs, dive operations, golfing and shopping are available in Providenciales. Currently, all international flights arrive and depart from Providenciales airport.

Did I mention that the sun is almost always shining? And that Grace Bay beach where most of the condos for sale are located has the most glorious turquoise water in the world?

Advantages of Condo Ownership:

1. Often the condo developments are in the heart of downtown where land is at a premium, so you will find that your home is in the centre of activity.

2. Having a condo as a second home and if you visit only on occasion, it is easy to lock up and go away. Often condo buildings have management program that will even rent out your condo for you.

3. No more mowing lawn or looking after the pool. All that is done for you in condominium living. No more roof maintenance or plumbing problems. Ease of living.

4. Owning a vacation condo instead of renting is often much less expensive and will very likely give the benefit from capital appreciation.

5. Condo Amenities. Most condominium properties have swimming pools, fitnesscenters, spas, tennis courts, restaurants on site, and other facilities thajt would be very expensive in a single-family home.

6. Condominium ownership gives an instant sense of community due to permanence of residents and resulting social activity.

7. Security and Safety: Proximity of neighbors and the general lifestyle is by its nature very safe. Most condos are equipped with security doors and intercom systems. Many also offer alarms, security cameras, and 24 hour door men. Security conscious buyers and extensive travelers can rest assured that their homes will be watched and maintained while they are away.

8. Ease of Living: If your condo is a second home, all you need to do it book your flight and go, everything you need is in your home already...so much easier than renting and having to pack everything you will need for your holiday.

9. Protection against weather conditions: Condo Resort will take responsibilty for taking down chairs, and equipment and closing everything down in the resort inthe face of a storm or high winds.

10. This advantage is specific to Turks and Caicos Condominium Resorts:
Many condo owners like to rent out their unit through a condo management program. Currently many airlines have made arrangments to bring in tourists to these islands and now the Providenciales Airport is extending the runway to accommodate flights directly from Europe as well as those coming in from USA and Canada.

Come on Down....The weather's great!

Since no condominium developments are the same and each one will extol its own virtues as you explore your investment options. See Overview map of Turks and Caicos Condos to get an idea of the resort choices and then include me as your informed and impartial advisor to help in choosing the condo of your dreams.

Choose Me As Your Turks and Caicos Condo Specialist:

It helps to have assistance from an informed, neutral condominium representative who will bring to light the pros and cons of each resort development (both existing and preconstruction) and then who will point out to you the different features, use statistics and studies to help you to decide which condo investment is the best one for you.