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Constant easterly breezes keep these Islands comfortable with the coolest months in the 70s and the warmest months averaging in the low 90s. The average rainfall is 40 inches a year with the Autumn as the rainy season although the rain never lasts very long before the day goes back to warm sun and blue skies.  North Caicos tends to get more rain than the other Islands and a result it has more fertile land with fruits and vegetables growing there.Turks and Caicos Real Estate

TCI is a paradise with miles of white sandy beaches and turquoise waters and an average temperature of about 83 degrees F. Constant trade winds reduce the humidity all year round.

TCI boasts one of the fastest growing economies in the Caribbean.

The Islands use American currency which makes us the most convenient non-US destination in the Caribbean, only 573 miles from Miami. Flights arrive daily from New York, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, Toronto, Philadelphia, etc.

Low crime rate. One of the safest countries in the Caribbean.

TCI is English-speaking. Many people also speak French and Spanish but the official language is English.

The government is committed to keeping Turks and Caicos a high end destination.

The citizens of Turks and Caicos are friendly and proud people.

he infrastructure is constantly improving to support tourism and investors coming to the Islands.

No direct taxation of income. The government's revenue comes indirectly by land transfer tax, tourism related taxation, work permits, residency certificates and import duties.

There are no restrictions on foreign ownership.

State of the art communications services in Providenciales and some of the outer islands. Bring your Blackberry!

A Planning Department policy protects the Islands from ungainly development, keeping Turks and Caicos "Beautiful by Nature".

Dream of a vacation/retirement hideway with:
- no land tax,
- no capital gain tax,
- no income tax,
- no death tax
where you can own home or land freehold or a condo
with guaranteed title from the government?